Subject Re: Need Help for Firebird 2.1 PDO driver on Ubuntu 8.04.1
Author raja_s_patil
Thanks Lester Caine,

> >
> >> I've used ADOdb from day one. If you want cross platform it works out of
> >> the box. PDO is a waste of time since it does nothing with the SQL!
> >> Take a look at bitweaver ... ... Installs and works to
> >> several databases without a problem - Firebird included ;)
> >>
> > I will checkup with ADOdb. What is ur experience of ADOdb about
> > migrating from One Database to another.
> With a little care in the design of the tables, then you simply select
> the database you want to run with. bitweaver can even copy from one
> database engine to another if you want. The trick is to stick to the
> ADOdb methods for things like 'first/offset' which ADOdb will map to the
> correct format in other engines.

Thats true since different databases have different datatypes and
different handling of those types. So we have to select least
common denominator. I gave some time to adodb web site, it seems
to be promising and wide range of database driver support
unfortunately fully tested and stable (a & b rating) drivers
are few but encompassing our shortlisted dbms so more than
sufficient for us. I am going evalute that also along with PDO
just for sec of first hand experience.

BTW i could not make out anything this time of post about
bitweaver. My inexperience in web applications is hurdle, I think.
Similarly I could not devote much time to that. Anyways
i keep in mind about that comeback to it after i finish
evaluating PDO and adodb. I found a package for adodb in
ubuntu repository so also for PDO. So installation problem
is now solved but I am getting latest version from web site
and going try with that also.

Thanks and Best Regards