Subject Re: [firebird-php] Re: Need Help for Firebird 2.1 PDO driver on Ubuntu 8.04.1
Author Lester Caine
raja_s_patil wrote:
> Thanks Lester Caine,
>> Personally I would avoid the PDO driver and just use the native
>> Firebird/Interbase driver. You will need that anyway to do those jobs
>> that PDO does not support. Not having had any reason to switch TO PDO,
>> those of us who have used PHP for a long time have not had any motive to
>> waste time moving all the needed facilities over to very basic Firebird
>> PDO driver that does exist.
> Well we are altogether new to PHP and web applications.
> The requirement is as of today is have database independent
> web applications since in near future the desktop application
> is going to be ported to web say within next six months. we are
> building a application which will provide immediate essential
> query and reporting needs through web application. The final
> target application is needed to be supporting one of five
> shortlisted databases Firebird, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MS-SQL
> and Oracle. We queried on Web there it was suggested that
> using PDO can solve this problem so we are trying to check that
> on small pilot application. But right now we comfortable
> with Firebird so we are developing Firebird based pilot
> application with PHP as serverside technology which will serve
> data to Flex application.

I've used ADOdb from day one. If you want cross platform it works out of
the box. PDO is a waste of time since it does nothing with the SQL!
Take a look at bitweaver ... ... Installs and works to
several databases without a problem - Firebird included ;)

>> What you then need is a copy of suitable for the setup that
>> you have. I've just copied one from my Mandriva setup over to an SUSE
>> machine without any problem. Both are AMD64 hardware, and all I had to
>> do was work out where SUSE decided to hide the PHP configuration stuff
>> so I could add an interbase.ini file so that Apache/PHP loads it.
>> I am getting pigged off with the way each distribution makes these
>> subtle changes to file locations :( Where has firebird ended up in
>> Ubuntu? in /opt or /usr/lib64 ?
> It varies, If I use tar.gz installation then its /opt
> and if I Ubuntu repository its different but I dont remember where
> since Ubuntu repositories dont have uptodate releases of firebird.
> I alway opt for IBPhoenix tar.gz installations.

I'm tending to that route now myself. Keep a set of installation stuff
rather than bothering with the distributions packaging.

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