Subject Re: Need Help for Firebird 2.1 PDO driver on Ubuntu 8.04.1
Author raja_s_patil
Thanks Lester Caine,

> I've used ADOdb from day one. If you want cross platform it works out of
> the box. PDO is a waste of time since it does nothing with the SQL!
> Take a look at bitweaver ... ... Installs and works to
> several databases without a problem - Firebird included ;)

I will checkup with ADOdb. What is ur experience of ADOdb about
migrating from One Database to another.

> >
> > I alway opt for IBPhoenix tar.gz installations.
> I'm tending to that route now myself. Keep a set of installation stuff
> rather than bothering with the distributions packaging.

true, we have tried Redhat, suse 8.2, fedora, ubuntu and
cent OS as server OS lot of config file UDF problems faced
so for last 5/6 years tar.gz and C based UDF has made our life
bit relaxed as far as server installation and config is concerned.

Its good that u too are joining our community.