Subject Re: [firebird-php] Re: Need Help for Firebird 2.1 PDO driver on Ubuntu 8.04.1
Author marius adrian popa
On Sat, Apr 18, 2009 at 1:14 PM, raja_s_patil <kpr.kolhapur@...> wrote:
> Thank you very much marius adrian popa,
> for very comprehensive help.
> You have suggested two ways I am confused which one use plz
> guide me which one is better since This is our First Web application
> so we are bit cautious, we are new to PHP, Apache etc.
> But we are Firebird on Linux for very long time even before it
> became a Open-sourced, earlier it was Interbase.
well pdo in php is very buggy , in fact i call it buggy as hell ,
I would recommend to use an stable wrapper around ibase/mysql functions
the one from cakephp is very well done you can find them in the cake
php source code

also there is mdb2 with an good firebird/ibase driver

also i have seen the adodb for php

so there are many options
also pdo seems to be now more stable in php 5.3
maybe after some zend pressure
> BTW just curious, if u r using PHP for web development
> how it can be used for producing reports at server end ?
> Like PDF's or how PHP can produce data exports to xls/ods/dbf ?
> Since our Application may need that functionality.

i guess you can inspire from ...dooh , phpmyadmin export functions or
maybe there are other good classes on
> Thanks once again and best regards.
> Raja