Subject Re: Need Help for Firebird 2.1 PDO driver on Ubuntu 8.04.1
Author raja_s_patil
Thanks Lester Caine,

> Personally I would avoid the PDO driver and just use the native
> Firebird/Interbase driver. You will need that anyway to do those jobs
> that PDO does not support. Not having had any reason to switch TO PDO,
> those of us who have used PHP for a long time have not had any motive to
> waste time moving all the needed facilities over to very basic Firebird
> PDO driver that does exist.
Well we are altogether new to PHP and web applications.
The requirement is as of today is have database independent
web applications since in near future the desktop application
is going to be ported to web say within next six months. we are
building a application which will provide immediate essential
query and reporting needs through web application. The final
target application is needed to be supporting one of five
shortlisted databases Firebird, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MS-SQL
and Oracle. We queried on Web there it was suggested that
using PDO can solve this problem so we are trying to check that
on small pilot application. But right now we comfortable
with Firebird so we are developing Firebird based pilot
application with PHP as serverside technology which will serve
data to Flex application.

> What you then need is a copy of suitable for the setup that
> you have. I've just copied one from my Mandriva setup over to an SUSE
> machine without any problem. Both are AMD64 hardware, and all I had to
> do was work out where SUSE decided to hide the PHP configuration stuff
> so I could add an interbase.ini file so that Apache/PHP loads it.
> I am getting pigged off with the way each distribution makes these
> subtle changes to file locations :( Where has firebird ended up in
> Ubuntu? in /opt or /usr/lib64 ?

It varies, If I use tar.gz installation then its /opt
and if I Ubuntu repository its different but I dont remember where
since Ubuntu repositories dont have uptodate releases of firebird.

I alway opt for IBPhoenix tar.gz installations.

Thanks and best regards