Subject Executing SQL scripts via PHP5 for FB 1.5
Author Myles Wakeham
I have a PHP5 application that works with Firebird that I would like to
behave much in the same way that I have seen other PHP applications work
with MySQL. When a user downloads the entire application and installs it,
it doesn't come with a database. But what it does is to have the user
adjust some configuration parameters so that they can define where their DB
server is, and then the PHP application executes a script that builds the
database for the user and populates the base tables with the minimum data

This is the behavior I am aiming at having with Firebird, however I'm not
sure what PHP functions are available (if any) to have a full script
execute. I can see the normal connect, query, disconnect stuff and use that
without any problems. But what if one wants to execute a complete SQL
script? Do you have to shell out to ISQL to do this, or is there a better
way with PHP to do it from within a traditional PHP or IBASE command?

Thanks in advance for any thoughts.


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