Subject Strange string from MEMO field in FireBird
Author kamilwalas

I new in PHP. I work with FireBird and I have query looks:
"select Y.Organizm as Nazwa, count(Y.ID) as LiczbaPrzypadkow,
count(Y.Organizm) as DodatnichPrzypadkow, count(distinct Y.Pacjent) as
LiczbaPacjentow, count(distinct Y.DodatniPacjent) as
DodatnichPacjentow , list(distinct Y.DodatnieZlecenie) as
DodatnieZlecenia from SelRaportIdentyfikacji('2008-11-01',
'2008-11-30') Y left outer join Materialy M on M.ID = Y.Material left
outer join Oddzialy O on O.ID = Y.Oddzial group by 1 order by 3 desc, 1"

and the result is something like that:

when I double-click on the MEMO field I get window with ID:

it looks that everything is OK.

But when I write in php echo $row['DODATNIEZLECENIA'] I got values like:
0x0000000c00000000, 0x0000001900000000, 0x0000001400000000, itp..

var_dump($row) gives:
array(8) { ["NAZWA"]=> string(16) "Escherichia coli"
["DODATNIEZLECENIA"]=> string(18) "0x0000000c00000000"
["NAZWAGRUPY1"]=> string(14) "(nieokre¶lony)" ["NAZWAGRUPY2"]=>
string(14) "(nieokre¶lony)" }

I don't know what I'm doing wrong. Why php didn't write correctly
exactly this one field? Any help will be aprrecieated.

PHP Version 5.3.0alpha3-dev

$qry = ibase_query($database, $sql);
$row = ibase_fetch_assoc($qry);

Kamil Walas.

P.S. Sorry for my English.