Subject Re: [firebird-php] firebird - that's why
Author Kurt Federspiel
Here's what I like (in order I think...or close to it)...
* free licensing for commercial deployment; I'm in business to make money
* Scalability
* RAD on Linux/Windows (especially using IBPP)
* great support; I've had only one question ever go unanswered.
* simple DB administration (especially using a front end like FlameRobin).
* live database back-ups (I think someone else said that).
* standard SQL language

The software I have written has to run on an embedded system with a 4G Compact Flash Drive (instead of a normal HD) or a multi-CPU, RAID server. Firebird installs easily and gets me running quickly.

I write almost exclusively in C++, and use PHP as the GUI to our suite of applications. IBPP allows me to generate DB API code in minutes. We have installed on WinXP/2003, Ubuntu, and SUSE.

In an environment like ours, MySQL is expensive, and nothing else is as easy to get up and running as quickly with the scalability we may need.


From: tjelvare <tjelvare@...>
Sent: Wednesday, October 29, 2008 1:17:43 PM
Subject: [firebird-php] firebird - that's why

Without any flame-intentions,
whats your arguments for choosing firebird instead of postgres as php-database.

For me, it's close to a tie, postgres has (now) built in fulltext, firebird is easy, performance
seems quite equal (postgres may be more ram-hungry). ..

Any suggestions from experienced users?

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