Subject RE: firebird - that's why
Author Myles Wakeham
>whats your arguments for choosing firebird instead of postgres as

We made our choice for a SQL database many years back, however when it came
down to the wire, the choice was between Firebird and PostgreSQL.

At the time, PostgreSQL didn't have a native Windows port, which excluded it
from the running. However I have much respect for it as a database. There
were a few shortcomings, however, that we discovered in our analysis. Many
of these may have been addressed and corrected in later releases, but since
you asked what our arguments were, here goes:

1. True, free open source database. MySQL isn't. I can't afford to
build all of our technology and skillset on a database that is free for
some, and not for others

2. Cross platform - I need a solution that will work on Linux, Windows
and MacOSX.

3. Leverage - I need to be able to use the same database for a single
user Windows desktop PC application written in Delphi, and a large Cloud
Computing Linux hosted enterprise app, written in PHP. If I have to use two
different databases, it not only limits the ability to cross-sell solutions
between these environments, but most importantly it costs me twice as much
in time and labor costs to keep up to date with two technologies.

4. Tech support costs & simple install - This is, IMHO, where Firebird
wins out handsomely. The installation process for Firebird in all of the
environments that we work in, from single user PC, to multi-user PC, to
multi-user Cloud, Firebird was installed in under 5 minutes. PostgreSQL was
a nightmare to install, but we found a few companies out there with
'distros' of PostgreSQL that simplified it a lot. Unfortunately most of
those cost money. When trying to bundle the install of the SQL database
with the installation of the application, particularly for PC apps, Firebird
wins hands down.

5. Footprint - the FB foot print is incredibly small, particularly when
you only need a small SQL database. If I was to produce a PHP application
that I host, then I can handle the footprint without an issue. But if I'm
trying to include it with a download, or rely on customers being able to
install that technology themselves, I think its going to be a challenge.

6. Administration - there is literally 0 admin on Firebird/PHP apps. I
can't talk to PostgreSQL, but the horror stories about thousands and
thousands of files representing the database, etc. that I've heard from
others is a bit scary. That may have changed with later releases.

What we did was to make a list of the top 10 important points for us, and
then measure the databases against those. Then your analysis has to be
appropriate and scientific. I realize that this is a key decision, and you
need to take your time and get as much info from as many people as you can.
But with the simplicity of just downloading, installing and trying Firebird,
you'd be nuts no to at least do that first. The proof may well be in the
eating on this one.


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