Subject Re: [firebird-php] firebird - that's why
Author Lester Caine
masotti wrote:
> tjelvare ha scritto:
>> Without any flame-intentions,
>> whats your arguments for choosing firebird instead of postgres as php-database.
>> For me, it's close to a tie, postgres has (now) built in fulltext, firebird is easy, performance
>> seems quite equal (postgres may be more ram-hungry)...
>> Any suggestions from experienced users?
> Maybe it's already better answered on firebird-general or
> firebird-support, or you can search for an updated firebird white-paper.
> Don't know a lot about postgres, but what I like in Firebird is (with no
> particular order)
> - simple DB server administration,
> - single file database,
> - (incremental or) complete backup on live database,
> - very good transaction management (see note) and MGA
> - almost standard SQL language (DML and DDL)
> - no-nonsense licensing for commercial deployment
> - well supported
> Note:
> This is not really needed in a PHP only environment, but try to think a
> complex application in mixed technology like PHP, java, C++ or Delphi
> application: this means acces trough other local or remote clients (hard
> to explain who thinks in flat file or autocommit each single CRUD
> operation).

I'd second that. I've had no problems across multiple environments, and not
all that long ago, installing Posgres onto a windows machine was something of
a black art. Nowadays the range of differences have closed, but Firebird has a
good pedigree outside the web framework which is where both Posgres and MySQL
are more heavily ensconced.

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