Subject Re: [firebird-php] Firebird, PHP, and CentOS 5
Author masotti

Dan Wilson ha scritto:
> In response to a private email request, I put together the procedure I
> used in order to get native and PDO firebird support working with PHP
> and CentOS 5. I was unsuccessful using the FAQ at
>, and couldn't find any other tricks
> on the web that worked.
I've recently upgraded in Centos4 from 2.0 to 2.1.1 classic server.
1) Remember to save your securiry2.fdb backing up it in save place.
2) After installation firebird local connection was ok, but not TCP/IP
because you musr manually copy xinetd firebird configuration file.
IIRC from /opt/firebird/misc you must copy firebird.xinetd to
/etc/xinetd.d, but read /opt/firebird/docs/README.user.troubleshooting
for complete help.
3) Fedora is the O.S. where RH experiment and is allways a
work-in-progress: sometimes all goes, and after a patch nothing go more.
4) What problems have you encountered with native installation for
Centos5? Maybe it's better starting from there.

Hope this helps.