Subject Re: [firebird-php] PHP Driver status
Author Giovanni Premuda
Pierre Joye wrote:
> > Are you saying that I cannot run a VC6 application under Vista?
> No. It is about what you can use to develop application or libraries
> when you target a given Windows version.
OK, I have done a bit of research and have determined the following:

1) It is perfectly safe to mix CRTs, either static or dynamic as long as
you follow some simple rules
2) These rules have to be followed in any case if you want a DLL that is
usable by anything that isn't MSVC++, so I definitely hope fbclient.dll
follows them. Some still like to use Delphi, Free-Pascal and other
esoterical langiages that dont start with the letter C...
3) Core Windows API DLLs archive independance from these issues as they
use the Windows hap manager, not the C runtime Heap. Anyone remembers
GlobalAlloc, LocalAlloc, the newer HeapAlloc etc. ?

1 &2

So, it seems that the PHP/Windows team is doing a lot of fuss for nothing...