Subject Re: [firebird-php] PHP Driver status
Author Lester Caine
Milan Babuskov wrote:
> Giovanni Premuda wrote:
>>> VC6, 7, 8 and 9 CRTs are not compatible with each other. It is not
>>> recommended (read: don't do it) to mix them at runtime. For example,
>>> when memory areas are allocated by a CRT and freed by another may end
>>> to crashes.
>> fbclient.dll and gds32.dll certainly do not depend on the CRT version of
>> the application, they dont' even depend on the application using a C
>> Runtime Library.
> Erm, fbclient in Firebird 2.1 does. Please see firebird-devel archives.
> To quote the most recent message on the issue by Alan McDonald:
> "All FB 2.1 binaries requires MSVC8 run-time dlls on *any* OS."
> Obviously, he meant, any _Microsoft_ OS ;)

The client needs the correct run time libraries, but will it still be
accessible from legacy applications? Since this discussion started I've been
checking what I have got installed - and of cause it's the Linux machines that
have 2.1 on :(
All the windows machines still talk too them, but I've not got the latest
windows client here everywhere since FB1.5 and FB2 share the test system.
After checking the windows machine with FB2.1 on I've confirmed that this has
a VC8 based client, but it works perfectly with all of the legacy stuff and
with the last PHP5.2.x ( and PHP5.3 with php_interbase ) snapshots that I have.

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