Subject Re: Web Apps - cache lost when db disconnects
Author jeff_j_dunlap
--- In, Helen Borrie <helebor@...> wrote:

> That's how it should be done. It's simple and it doesn't eat
> much. Alexandre commented on your apparent confusion between a
> "connection" and a "transaction". An idle connection doesn't cause
> any problems (unless your NOS thinks its *too* idle and closes
> its socket!). Connections have a socket stay-alive mechanism.
> Long-running transactions do cause problems if they are read-write,
> or if they are read-only but not in Read Committed isolation. There
> are dumb interface layers around that keep a read-write transaction
> running all the time by some kind of auto-commit mechanism that uses
> CommitRetaining. If you suspect the php driver is guilty of
> that...then the proposed driver mods would need to address it because
> it can cause the problem that people have warned you about.

Helen & Milan,

Thank you for clarifying this for me.

Best Regards,