Subject Re: [firebird-php] PHP Driver status
Author Lester Caine
Milan Babuskov wrote:
> Lester Caine wrote:
>> Never used PHP4 so - not a problem for me.
>> php_interbase was specific to PHP5 anyway ;)
> Not sure what you mean by this? I used it with PHP4 on both Windows and
> Linux for 4+ years.
Just saying that I've never had to worry about PHP4 - except for ensuring some
of the projects I'm involved with still work on it ...
Many of the advance features in php_interbase were never back ported to PHP4 -
at least THAT was my understanding.

>> But I AM desperate for a clean Unicode build of PHP
> Why? I mean, UTF8 support is working just fine.
> Is there some actual problem you are having?
Clean playing field. I still hit problems now and again with stuff getting
messed up by being 'translated' to some other character set. A system that
does not need to translate stuff to and from UTF8 should make life a lot
easier? Especially when users all over the world are post address details in
just about every character set ... and sometimes I end up with an unreadable
address label.

>>> If you need new features you need to break things
>> All *I'm* asking for is that the php_interbase that works in 5.2.6 is left
>> alone in 5.3. I'm not asking for anything to change only that we keep what we
>> have proven working? I've asked several time what needed to be changed between
>> 5.2 and 5.3 but that question has never been answered, so I assume nothing? We
>> just need it compiled?
> There is a big change, PHP is moving to a different version of MSVC.
> However, as far as I see, Pierre wants to help and try to compile
> everything by himself and then tell us if there are any problems. So
> maybe there are no problems. Let's help him, it's not that hard to give
> a few useful pointers and tips.
So is that the piece of the jigsaw I've been missing?
I though PHP had changed a couple of times already but if it's now jumping a
couple of versions then that might explain some of the misunderstanding? Not
having the facilities to run M$ compiles I tend not to worry about that.

>> What we have today is stable and fast enough for what I need, but I could
>> simply switch the driver in ADOdb and use any database.
> That's because you use ADOdb ;)
Works great for me :)
What I meant to say here was that I could switch to the PDO_firebird driver if
it became advantageous, but other database engines find the PDO driver is
slower than the native one.

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