Subject Re: [firebird-php] PHP Driver status
Author Lester Caine
Pierre Joye wrote:
>> But don't worry too much about this: FBClient is also forward
>> compatible, at least for those functions that PHP extension is currently
>> using. I guess whoever decides to add new features to extension will
>> have to be careful, but maybe VC6 would be dropped for future PHP
>> versions as well so there will be no problem.
> Ok, I'll try to build 2.1 using VC9 and add them to the 5.3 snaps (not
> before next week). Then I can try to build 1.5 using VC6, or are the
> 1.5 binaries built using VC6?

Pierre - why do you need to build them at all?
They come ready packaged with Firebird which is what we all use. It would NOT
make sense to distribute just the client with PHP, as has happened in the
past. Installing the client from a Firebird distribution will set the right
registry keys and the like. Which is why the GDS32.dll supplied with PHP is
simply never used.

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