Subject Re: [firebird-php] PHP Driver status
Author Milan Babuskov
Pierre Joye wrote:
>>> - is VC9 and VC6 supported (Firebird developers may help here)?
>> What exactly do you mean by 'supported'? Version of VC with which DLLs
>> are built or ?
> Can it be built using VC9 and VC6 without too much troubles? We have
> to use two different builds as the VC6 and VC9 runtimes are not
> compatible. To avoid random crashes or other side effects, we build
> each dependency natively using VC6 or VC9 (and sometimes VC8 as
> convenience for the other developers).

If I understand this correctly, you wish to build fbclient DLL yourself?

If that is the case, you will have problems building Firebird 2.x since
V6 has been abandoned because of lack of 64bit support. It was a hard
decision, but it's Firebird development team's decision and it won't be
changed (there was discussion about that on Firebird development mailing
list months ago). AFAIK, the binary packages you can download from
Firebird website are compiled with VC8.

So, your best choice is to:

- build Firebird 2.1 client with VC9 (or VC8)
- build Firebird 1.5 client with VC6

But don't worry too much about this: FBClient is also forward
compatible, at least for those functions that PHP extension is currently
using. I guess whoever decides to add new features to extension will
have to be careful, but maybe VC6 would be dropped for future PHP
versions as well so there will be no problem.


Milan Babuskov