Subject Re: [firebird-php] PHP Driver status
Author masotti

> - which version of the fbclient should we use? (or from which firebird
> release) (you may know it), we can also provide many php_firebird
> dlls, one for 1.x or 2.x, but if we can avoid this step... :)
Lester and Milan have already answered. I think that also for what
concern near future (a year or two) latest stable build is allways the
correct choice.
When in the future, will be available Firebird 3.0 stable, maybe we'd
had time to see what happens and eventually to fork.

> - is VC9 and VC6 supported (Firebird developers may help here)?
Trying to complete Milan question (I'll try allways not to answer a
question with a question, except to my tax accountant): from your mails
seems that this VC6 / VC9 support is a major blocking factor. Like this
two compilers are two independent and incompatible worlds. I'm not so
sure about that: AFAIK VC6 project was removed from build not a lot of
time ago, but remains VC7, VC8 and VC9 options (I'm trying to enter CVS
to verify, but now it's slooooowwwww: impossible!).
I'll retry later.
Anyway, what problems gives you (or you think to have) to compile with
VC6 a library compiled with VC9 (or the contrary)? Please, can you
explain or be more precise, because I've no clue on that subject.