Subject Re: [firebird-php] PHP Driver status
Author Lester Caine
Pierre Joye wrote:
>> 3) firebird's include files for user program/libraries compilation
>> 4) firebird client libraries (fblient.dll)
>> 5) code samples to firebird API
All contained in the windows zip file. is the internal php test list
which works against the example employee.fdb database. It just need modifying
to point at the right windows path.

> 3, 4 and 5 are what I need, as described later in this mail.

> Yes, thanks you very much. To make it shorter,what we need asap (5.3) is:
> - which version of the fbclient should we use? (or from which firebird
> release) (you may know it), we can also provide many php_firebird
> dlls, one for 1.x or 2.x, but if we can avoid this step... :)
The 2.1.1 client is stable and still accesses servers back to FB1.0. I've
currently got it running happily with PHP5.2.6 renamed as GDS32.dll

> - is VC9 and VC6 supported (Firebird developers may help here)? we
> support only x86 right now, x64 support is available but only as an
> experimental package. That means win64 support is not a big deal for
> now.
Has builds for all the OS's covered currently.

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