Subject Re: [firebird-php] PHP Driver status
Author Milan Babuskov

Sorry to barge in. I wish to help, but I'm mostly a Linux guy, so I try
just to lurk in background....

Pierre Joye wrote:
> Yes, thanks you very much. To make it shorter,what we need asap (5.3) is:
> - which version of the fbclient should we use? (or from which firebird
> release) (you may know it), we can also provide many php_firebird
> dlls, one for 1.x or 2.x, but if we can avoid this step... :)

Use 2.x (2.1 is the last stable version). Firebird client is backward
compatible all the way back to Firebird 1.0 / InterBase 6.

> - is VC9 and VC6 supported (Firebird developers may help here)?

What exactly do you mean by 'supported'? Version of VC with which DLLs
are built or ?

Milan Babuskov