Subject Re: [firebird-php] PHP Driver status
Author Lester Caine
Pierre Joye wrote:
> My apologies to be harsh with you here but I do not have the time to
> have the same discussions again and again without seeing anything from
> anyone but complains. I asked for help, support, advices six months
> ago and nothing (absolutely nothing!) happened since, it is a shame
> and that's why I've posted a call for help here, that's my last call.
We responded, sorted out the bugs in 5.2.x and the result was a working 5.2.6
and further problems have now been addressed in 5.2.7
I was simply not aware that 5.3 was still a problem!
I repeat the question - what is stopping the current php_interbase code being
compiled for 5.3? Once the debate on namespace has concluded I have no problem
dropping an up to date 5.3 setup on top of the current 5.3 testbed.

( M$ compilers on my setup HAVE caused problems in the past - That is a whole
other discussion, but for legacy support I must maintain both Builder5 and
Builder6 environments. I have three machines set up for that support and so
don't have a spare windows machine :( all the rest are Linux :) )

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