Subject Re: [firebird-php] PHP Driver status
Author Pierre Joye
hi Lester,

On Tue, Oct 14, 2008 at 6:53 AM, Lester Caine <lester@...> wrote:
> pierre_php wrote:
> The discussion on PHP has been a bit one sided and I'm not entirely sure why
> :(
> Personally I have never liked the architecture of the PDO drivers and I
> still

pdo_firebired exists and will ever stay and be improved or moved out
with interbase.

>> - Help us to write unit tests, review the current bug reports and
>> provide usable test cases to help the core developer to reproduce and
>> fix a bug
>> - Report bugs help too :)
> The tests have been updated?

Does that answer the question?

Yes, there is a couple of tests, but not enough. We need much more
tests to be sure that we can't break the drivers by updating the code
or fixing issues. No need to know C to write more tests cases!

> And our own test suit is currently clear?
> So what am I missing?

I'm sorry, but you are completely missing the point of this mail. The
reasons why I come here is exactly that, discussing again and again
the same problems on internals did not bring anything to the firebird
users or to the core developers. It is time to have a brighter
audience and see what can be done. And to achieve that, I'm trying to
get active help from the firebird community, as a last attempt to keep
firebird support in php at a good level, or to keep the drivers in the
PHP releases.

>> * You know C (a bit) and building the firebird clients to be used with
>> PHP has no secret for you?
>> - Please contact me, I will proudly help you to get your libs used by
>> our builds system and restore firebird support in php 5.3.0+ on
>> Windows!
> So why is php_interbase simply not being included in the builds currently?

Do you have working clients libs? Which version? Which compilers have been used?

> I've been programming in C for years using Borland tools - but that is now
> stopping me actually building PHP ( and also strangely Firebird given it's
> links with Borland ) since I can't afford to damage the Borland development
> environment.

We know that you can't or do not want to help with the libraries, even
if installing VC can be done without breaking borland install.

Again this mail is an attempt to get _active_ help from other persons
willing to support the PHP firebird drivers.

> Going forward, now that Interbase is taking it's own path, we do need to
> split
> Firebird from Interbase. Personally this is not a problem since I have no
> plans to install Interbase on a system, so can just use the right client,
> but
> many current Codegear developers get it installed automatically with their
> development system and then switching back to Firebird is a problem!

That's not something we can solve for 5.3. But once we have a working
and maintained drivers, we can thing about this change/addition.

My apologies to be harsh with you here but I do not have the time to
have the same discussions again and again without seeing anything from
anyone but complains. I asked for help, support, advices six months
ago and nothing (absolutely nothing!) happened since, it is a shame
and that's why I've posted a call for help here, that's my last call.

Pierre |