Subject Re: [firebird-php] Re: PHP Firebird Vista install problems
Author Lester Caine
dogrocket2003 wrote:
> Its working now, actually seems faster that interbase by the way.
> thanks for the explanations.
> I Found a couple things. the host file had some wierd annotation in
> it, not sure what it means if anything ::1
> so I COMMENTED it out, And just to be sure I added
> MY-PCNAME after the localhost declaration.
> I dont have a static ip so implying ip to hostname is out.
Assume you mean here?
While you do not need to access firebird over the network ( I assume you only
have the one machine? ) then this will work, but ideally you need your PC name
set to a real IP address. Have had to strip vista off the only machine I had
it on, because of problems setting up some legacy bits, so I can't comment on
how THAT has changed how you set this up. TWO of my customers are now
deploying Linux rather than worrying about Vista :)

> I renamed original /windows/system32/gds32.dll to .old
> During installation I checked all checkboxes and did full development
> install.
> Confirmed New gds32.dll made it into system32
The php_interbase still uses gds32.dll - we have not changed that but should
probably now have a good case for creating php_firebird which is configured
against a firebird install. Currently it has to cope with interbase and
firebird ;)

> Then copied fbclient.dll from firebird/bin directory into my
> website/php directory.
That is not being used

> restarted apache and firebird guardian and server.
> ibWebadmin now works to :)
Good to hear - must get around to fixing a couple of niggle on my copy, but
I've been running flamerobin so the need for an OS agnostic tool has eased :)

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