Subject Re: [firebird-php] PHP Firebird Vista install problems
Author masotti
dogrocket2003 ha scritto:
> Help!
> I had DELPHI4PHP with latest apache and latest Interbase 8.1
> installed. Everything works ok. But when I tried to install firebird
> 2.1 I cant get connects to work in php. Firerobin connects ok,
> IBexpert connects ok. Database workshop does not.
Ok, explained this problem in my session at FBcon08.
Delphi4PHP has 4 (yes FOUR !) copies in his installation directories of
the Interbase 8 GDS32.DLL library.
This library is the Interbase 8 version, and it is loaded from there by
D4PHP instead of the system wide in C:\WINDOWS\SYTEM32 or the like.
You must search in C:\Programs files\Codegear\Delphi for PHP\2.0 and
subdirs for GDS32.DLL and rename all of them or delete.
You cannot develop an application using Interbase 8 and Firebird 2
because client libraries (for sure IB library) are not code compatible.
I think this can be explained better, but this is.