Subject Re: Thanks Helen: PHP Firebird Vista install problems
Author dogrocket2003
Re: PHP Firebird Vista install problems

Its working now, actually seems faster that interbase by the way.
thanks for the explanations.
I Found a couple things. the host file had some wierd annotation in
it, not sure what it means if anything ::1
so I COMMENTED it out, And just to be sure I added MY-PCNAME after the localhost declaration.
I dont have a static ip so implying ip to hostname is out.

For some reason the 2.5 instclient kept erroring even with -f flag
implied. So I uninstalled and reinstalled 2.1.1
Made sure apache services was off. and surprisingly found firebird
was still running as a service even after it was after uninstalled.
So i stopped it.

I renamed original /windows/system32/gds32.dll to .old
During installation I checked all checkboxes and did full development
Confirmed New gds32.dll made it into system32

Then copied fbclient.dll from firebird/bin directory into my
website/php directory rename gds32.dll to .old again and renamed
fbclient.dll to gds32.dll

restarted apache and firebird guardian and server.

ibWebadmin now works to :)