Subject RE: [firebird-php] Recommendations for PHP based web SQL reporting tool
Author Alan McDonald
> As an aside - activity on this list is very low, but I am sure that a
> LOT of us are using PHP - any ideas how we can assess just how many?
> --
> Lester Caine - G8HFL

seems that CodeGear are testing a new PHP IDE - maybe they know that numbers
are significant.
Isn't the real interest to us, the number of people using PHP AND Firebird?
This is the only way I know how:..
Fix a bug in php_interbase.dll and let it be known that it's available for
download. See how many downloads you get?
Only pity really is that there are no known bugs that would drive me to
update at the moment - in both 4 and 5 - it's all good. And my major work in
these areas at the moment are not highly active. I'm in maintenance mode.
A survey is the only other way I think and results, as we know are