Subject Re: [firebird-php] Recommendations for PHP based web SQL reporting tool
Author Lester Caine
Alan McDonald wrote:
>> As an aside - activity on this list is very low, but I am sure that a
>> LOT of us are using PHP - any ideas how we can assess just how many?
> seems that CodeGear are testing a new PHP IDE - maybe they know that numbers
> are significant.
PHPEclipse is fine for me :)

> Isn't the real interest to us, the number of people using PHP AND Firebird?
Took that as read :)

> This is the only way I know how:..
> Fix a bug in php_interbase.dll and let it be known that it's available for
> download. See how many downloads you get?
> Only pity really is that there are no known bugs that would drive me to
> update at the moment - in both 4 and 5 - it's all good. And my major work in
> these areas at the moment are not highly active. I'm in maintenance mode.
> A survey is the only other way I think and results, as we know are
> unreliable.
Yep - I'm more than happy with php_interbase.dll when married up with
ADOdb - does everything I need.

I'm trying to get the commerce package of bitweaver working stably with
Firebird, then I can get my shop live, but new business on the software
side is non-existent :(
I've a meeting on Friday with one major customer and I'm not looking
forward to it - may not have my main pay cheque by July

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