Subject Re: [firebird-php] Jumping in the wagon
Author Lester Caine
Alexandre Benson Smith wrote:
> I have just subscribed and this is my first message to the group.
Trimming a little to the meat ;)

> I have some options:
> 1.) Start from scratch, and do all the wrong way and improve it as I
> learn it and as I find better ways to do the job
Given the amount of GOOD PHP code available probably not necessary.

> 2.) Try some framework that will put me in the right path from the
> beginning, but I will have a more increased learning curve (besides PHP
> and all the surrounding technologies I will need to learn a FrameWork)
I'm on my second 'framework', the first worked well enough 4 years ago, but
newer developments left it behind. If I was starting now I would probably have
a look at Delphi4PHP, but given the code base I already have it's not a
sensible approach. Basically, there is probably a package that does what YOU
want off the shelf, and if it doesn't then modifying it is always an option.

What ever we suggest will probably not be right for you, but I'm more than
happy with what is running my websites and commercial systems, and PHPEclipse
to actually develop the new code.

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