Subject ibase.timeformat
Author Jochem Maas
I have a problem with FB2 on Linux (with php5.1.2) ..
strangely the problematic ibase.timeformat doesn't cause
problems with the same [php] code on windows (also php5.1.2 and FB2)

could anyone confirm that the following makes inserts into
TIME fields not work properly (FB2/Linux/php5.1.2) -
for instance if I insert '11:00:00' I end up with '29:18:00' ???

// this format screws up inserts
ini_set('ibase.timeformat', '%H:%M:00');

// this format works fine
ini_set('ibase.timeformat', '%H:%M:%S');

is it me? can anyone reproducde this?
does anyone know what the problem could be?

thanks in advance,