Subject Re: [firebird-php] Re: FB/PHP Driver
Author Lester Caine
quipo_it wrote:
> --- In, "paulruizendaal" <pnr@...> wrote:
>> The previous maintainer, Art
> Actually his name is Ard
>> Biesheuvel, is now working at Philips
>> Electronics and doesn't have much time to work with the code.
>> However, the code that he left behind is generally well structured and
>> easy to read. Writing up the documentation I went through quite a bit
>> of it.
>> I think we are okay for the lifetime of PHP5 and can deal with issues
>> as they come up. No need to worry.
> confirmed, it's still working fine.
> OTOH, the PDO driver is not usable:

Only problem with PDO - it's not a lot of use since you have to load the
Firebird driver as well to get all the goodies. So no one has the need
to make it work at all :(

I have no problems with ADOdb running Firebird and while I could use a
PDO driver with it, it's not as powerful as even the PHP4 version of the
Firebird driver so perhaps until PDO actually provides cross database
functions it's not worth wasting time on.

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