Subject RE: [firebird-php] Re: Firebird php session handling functions?
Author Alan McDonald
> I am re-visiting this and trying to get php to use firebird for
> storing php sessions.
> There are plenty of exmaples of the various php functions required for
> MySQL but I haven't found anything yet done in Firebird. Anyway, I
> have created a set of functions i.e. sessionOpen, sessionClose,
> sessionRead etc.. as best I can, but I don't think I've even got past
> php recognising the Firebird database and table as the storage as I'm
> getting the error "Failed to initialize storage module".
> Firstly, in php.ini, I am wondering how exactly to specify the
> "session.save_path" and "" configs. Would
> "/opt/firebird/city/city.fdb" and "tblphpsessions" be valid (e.g. is
> the .fdb suffix required or not?.
> There are more questions to follow to get this working I'm sure, but
> i'll leave it there to see whether anybody has done this successfully
> or not.
> Many thanks
> Will

I'd love to know what benefits you think there are in storing SessionIDs in
a database. PHP stores them in the file system very well indeed. Why would
pushing and pulling them thru a TCP stack be superrior in any way?