Subject Re: [firebird-php] Re: Firebird php session handling functions?
Author Jochem Maas
Myles Wakeham wrote:

> When you say 'Sessions', I'm assuming you are referring to 'Server Side
> Sessions' rather than client sessions. In PHP, a session is typically a
> client side session, that can be pulled from the browser and referenced
> through an array structure. My guess is that you want to use the client
> session ID as a key reference in Firebird for something, and possibly the
> other array elements for something to be persistently stored. The problem
> with this approach is that the client's session expires when they close
> their browser session, etc. So the persistence of this data would have to
> take that into consideration.

nothing stores in $_SESSION (regardless of where that data is stored when the
session is closed e.g. filesystem or db) is sent to the client. the 'client
session id' is thing stored on the client and is sent by way of a cookie (normally)...
everything else is stored on the server and loaded in when a session is started
using the session id sent as a cookie header to determine which data to load.

it *sounds* like you have a misguided view of what a php session is and/or how it
works Myles.