Subject Firebird and PHP-Interbase extension on a Mac (bsd)
Author Graeme Bryan
Hi everybody,

I am a newbie. I am interested in installing OpenAspect on a Mac
running Panther.

I have managed to get Apache/PHP and Firebird installed.

I have downloaded the Open Aspect PHP/Firebird files.

OpenAspect site says that I need...

" A webserver capable of using the PHP language as a module, NOT as a
PHP4 or higher installed, including the 'Interbase' extension to
enable use with Firebird databases.
This includes enabling the interbase extension in your php.ini file: (For BSD/Linux)
extension=php_interbase.dll (For Win32)"

How do I install the interbase extension on a mac? (should be similar
to freebsd)
Where do I get the "" file?

I have not been able to find it on my hard drive. I have not been able
to find anything on the net which tells me how to install it or where
to get it.

Any instructions on how to install the extension on a mac OR freebsd
would be appreciated.