Subject bleeding timestamps.
Author Jochem Maas
hi guys - Im stuck and have a deadline from hell....

I'm trying to fill a timestamp field - and my starting point is a unix timestamp
value as integer - now I'm sure this used to work (that is passing the int to firebird
extension as a query param and letting the extension deal with the transliteration...
but an upgrade to to the core of php (IIRC) removed the use std of strptime()
in favor of a php specific version which broke the following
bit in the ibase extension (link to source:

anyway I've had a brain freeze - anyone able to tell me how to hack the ***
around this little problem (preferably in way that won't break if/when this stuff
is fixed??) ... I'd be very very grateful.


PS - Ard could you take a look at the source? provide a fix? another solution?
point me at the person I should be bugging (sniper?) - many thanks as always :-)