Subject PHP 5.0.4, Firebird 1.5, Windows, UDF error
Author Robert Kruk

When I'm trying to get data from table (SELECT * FROM TABLE) I got
following error.

*Warning*: ibase_prepare() [function.ibase-prepare
<>]: invalid request BLR
at offset 384 function MYUDF_ROUNDFLOAT is not defined module name or
entrypoint could not be found in *c:\program files\apache
group\Apache\htdocs\fun_db.php* on line *52

I'm using my own UDF library which I put to Firebird\UDF directory - and
it works both in isql and in my application, which is written in delphi.

PHP: 5.0.4 (win xp)
Firebird Server + Client (1.5)

PHP additional information:
Firebird/InterBase Support dynamic
Compile-time Client Library Version Interbase 6
Run-time Client Library Version Firebird 1.0/Interbase 6

Robert Kruk

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