Subject Re: [firebird-php] PHP 5.0.4, Firebird 1.5, Windows, UDF error
Author Lester Caine
Robert Kruk wrote:

> When I'm trying to get data from table (SELECT * FROM TABLE) I got
> following error.
> *Warning*: ibase_prepare() [function.ibase-prepare
> <>]: invalid request BLR
> at offset 384 function MYUDF_ROUNDFLOAT is not defined module name or
> entrypoint could not be found in *c:\program files\apache
> group\Apache\htdocs\fun_db.php* on line *52
> I'm using my own UDF library which I put to Firebird\UDF directory - and
> it works both in isql and in my application, which is written in delphi.
> PHP: 5.0.4 (win xp)
> Firebird Server + Client (1.5)
> PHP additional information:
> interbase
> Firebird/InterBase Support dynamic
> Compile-time Client Library Version Interbase 6
> Run-time Client Library Version Firebird 1.0/Interbase 6

If you say that the UDF works fine in isql, then I would start by
looking at why you seem to be using the wrong client with PHP!
Throw the gds32.dll that is supplied with PHP in the bin, and ensure
that you install Firebird 1.5 with it's own client added to the windows
systems directory.

I presume that since there is no mention of the UDF in your query, that
it is being accessed via triggers used with the table? Try getting
things working without it first, and then access it directly in a query
to see if that provides any better error messages.

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services