Subject Re: [firebird-php] any one use sohlius web host?
Author Milan Babuskov
Alan McDonald wrote:
> But linux is better for php than windows (all my testing). Windows seems to
> drop even the isapi.dll version of php too frequently.

Windows are also ok, as long as you don't use Win2003, and you use PHP
as CGI (php.exe) and not as server module (.dll). Well, at least that's
my experience. I do run all my servers on Linux now, since it much
easier to administer remotely.

If you run some not so widely used server (keyfocus?), it's a high
chance you can only run it as CGI, since .dll files are server-specific
(bind to the server API).

> There's not muc to php/firebird uther than choosing an abstraction layer if,
> in fact, you want one which sounds to me like you'd be beer off with one.
> ezsql is small and comprehensive otheres here like ADOdb. please yourself

Or write your own like I did :)

Milan Babuskov