Subject Using Pear's DB To connect to Firebird
Author ian
I like firebird so far but it is really hard to find good examples of firebird
when the internet is bogged down with mysql this and mysql that.

I was just hoping someone in this area that has a high density of firebird
users :) could give some examples...

I wanted to use Pear's DB to connect to firebird in php but I can't get it to
work. I am not sure if my setup is broken or I am just not using the syntax
for firebird correctly. Since each database dsn syntax seems to be slightly
different but I can't seem to find any firebird/interbase examples. This is
my dsn:


with anecesis.2004.fdb being the name of file with my database in it

Should the path not be in there?

Does anyone use Pear's DB and if they do could they show an example of their

I get this error message

DB Error: not found

I am only trying to use Pear's DB so I can use examples from an oreilly book
"PHP cookbook". Other people on here have talked about using adoDB...
Which is better suited for firebird adoDB or Pear's DB? Or does it not matter
at all? I just happen to be more familiar with DB, but with mysql, since I
used it for another job. I was using the ibase_* functions but they are not
very 'pretty' and my code is ugly enough already ;).

If it makes a difference I am using linux, SuSe PRO 9.0.