Subject RE: [firebird-php] Re: Firebird1.5, ADODB & PHP Sessions
Author Alan McDonald
Thanks for responses. As I said before, I'm using ADODB, not
php ibase functions directly (with rare exceptions). My
"connect.php" is something like:

Session login and password I'm gathering in the first page opened.
AFAIK, $db->Connect() maps to ibase_connect, not ibase_pconnect.
One more question: if the users close they Web browsers immediately,
what about the FB server processes (Classic Server)? Are they
running on? When they are expected to terminate?

TIA, Robert

when a page finishes being processed, the default transaction is committed
and the connection is closed (in the case of connect) or theoretically
passed back to the pool (in the case of pconnect).
If thre are no more connections, the classic server process will timeout