Subject Firebird1.5, ADODB & PHP Sessions
Author robert_hollay

I am relatively new to Firebird + PHP programming, and have the
following problem.
I'm developing a WEB application for data processing. The final
version will be on a Linux server (both the Firebird 1.5 database
and all the server stuff), the clients will be Windows 9.x with
Mozilla Firefox browsers.
But I have only one PC at home, Windows XP, PHPDev, Apache 4.3.4,
Firebird 1.5 CS and ADODB 4.22, so this is my development environment.
It all went good until I begun to use php sessions (for logging and
other security reasons). I noticed, that for every new session it
launches a new fb_inet_server service, and the old ones remain active.
So after 10 logins and logouts I end up with 10 firebird server
processes running. I know that Classic Server launches a new process
for every new connection, but it doesn't close them at all!
I think, this is a very serious memory leakage :-)
So I wonder if it is because of my Windows development environment,
and what will be the case with the Linux server in
production environment?
Or maybe FB Classic Server is absolutely useless with PHP?

Best regards,