Subject Re: Firebird1.5, ADODB & PHP Sessions
Author robert_hollay

Thanks for responses. As I said before, I'm using ADODB, not
php ibase functions directly (with rare exceptions). My
"connect.php" is something like:


$DBHOST = 'myhost';
$DBPATH = 'c:\data\fb15\mydir\mydb.fdb;
$DBDRIVER = 'firebird';
$ADODB_SESSION_USER = 'session';
$ADODB_SESSION_PWD = 'session';
$ADODB_SESS_LIFE = 4 * 3600;

$db = ADONewConnection($DBDRIVER);
$db->dialect = 3;
$db->Connect($DBHOST.':'.$DBPATH, $_SESSION['login'], $_SESSION

Session login and password I'm gathering in the first page opened.
AFAIK, $db->Connect() maps to ibase_connect, not ibase_pconnect.
One more question: if the users close they Web browsers immediately,
what about the FB server processes (Classic Server)? Are they
running on? When they are expected to terminate?

TIA, Robert

--- In, "Alan McDonald" <alan@m...>
> What method do you use for connecting to FB? ibase_connect or
> ibase_pconnect? Because the ibase_pconnect leaves the connection
> between 2 call and because of this the FB server process won't be
> terminated even if it is classic server.
> Alex
> It has been said here before that pconnect, although by theory it
> a connection pool, has a habit of not using existing connections
after they
> have recently been dropped, but rather establishing a new
connection. As a
> result, the number of open connections climbs - you have to keep
your eye on
> it apparently. ibase_connect will be slightly slower theoretically
but I
> haven;t noticed any difference, and it does not have the stated
problem of
> pconnect.
> Alan