Subject Re: [firebird-php] Re: Win32 Vs Linx
Author Lester Caine
Christian Wenz wrote:

>>Can someone tell me whether under linux, the php.exe (equivalent) is loaded
>>on each request or if it is like an ISAPI dll under Win32 which is cached
>>for the application?
> that's certainly _not_ a Firebird question, but anyway:

Given that there is not a really good PHP list, I would not
complain too much. Anything that improves our support and
understanding of PHP ...

> It depends on your configuration. If you install PHP to work via CGI, it is
> loaded upon each request (but that's no Windows thing, all other systems load
> CGI upon each request if it is set to work as CGI).
> However if you run PHP as a module, it is started once and remains in memory,
> waiting for requests. PHP comes with modules for Apache, Apache2 (still
> experimental) and IIS.

Trying to get an answer on why Apache2 support is still
experimental has been impossible :) I've taken the risk, and
am running Apache2,PHP5 and Firebird 1.5 on a production
system, so we will see when it starts getting heavy use ;)
PHP5 is running as a module in this case, and the whole lot
is on Windows - as the customer is using Novell for the rest
of the network, but the test Linux system seems just as
stable with the same modules as the windows setup.

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services