Subject RE: [firebird-php] Re: Win32 Vs Linx
Author Alan McDonald
that's certainly _not_ a Firebird question, but anyway:
[Alan McDonald] it is if it's firebird connection speeds under the php
exension module which are in question.
It depends on your configuration. If you install PHP to work via CGI, it is
loaded upon each request (but that's no Windows thing, all other systems
CGI upon each request if it is set to work as CGI).
However if you run PHP as a module, it is started once and remains in
waiting for requests. PHP comes with modules for Apache, Apache2 (still
experimental) and IIS.

[Alan McDonald] I know this. My question is still one of trying to find why
php (the wiz bang alteranative answer to M$ solutions) is not performing
competitively with their M$ counterparts. I'd like to understand why not and
if there is a fix. I don't wnat to be told - "oh move to linux" - that's not
an option for all my websites over night.

I have numerous websites with firebird and some with MySQL, all with ODBC
connections and now one with PHP/Firebird. There is no argument that
ODBC/MySQL is faster than ODBC/Firebird but both are faster than
PHP/Firebird even with ISAPI module loaded (forget the CGI setup - it's a
waste of time). Unless someone can tell me - "oh but you've forgotten to
do..." then I will live with what I have but I cannot conclude that
PHP/firebird is as good as I expected it to be. I have good reasons to use
Firebird and MySQL under different circumstances but PHP is not delivering a
competitive solution for Firebird.

My main frustration is that even in the ISAPI module setup and supposed
caching of the dll, time to deliver a page is slow after some down time has
occurred. I do get some of the unbuffered pages downloaded to the browser -
and then a wait long enough for me to view the source of the page thus far
delivered and know that it is hangin on the FB connection to finish it's
processing and delivery of the page.

Again - I smell it to be FB connection speeds.


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