Subject Re: [firebird-php] Re: Win32 Vs Linx
Author Lester Caine
Alan McDonald wrote:

> My main frustration is that even in the ISAPI module setup and supposed
> caching of the dll, time to deliver a page is slow after some down time has
> occurred. I do get some of the unbuffered pages downloaded to the browser -
> and then a wait long enough for me to view the source of the page thus far
> delivered and know that it is hangin on the FB connection to finish it's
> processing and delivery of the page.
> Again - I smell it to be FB connection speeds.

Are you using ibase_ connections direct?
I started with ADOdb, simply because all of the neat stuff I
needed was available of the shelf. That caches results at
the PHP level, so I am probably not seeing the problems you
describe. Changing between persistent and non-persistent
connections produces a noticeable change when several users
are in, and the PHP5 setup does seem to serve faster than 4,
but don't quote me on that, the PHP4 setup was never
properly bench marked.

There is a need for a Firebird version of the Interbase
module, but I have not reached the point were I must have it
yet ;)

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services