Subject PHP 5.0.2/Firebird/Adodb pb with ibase_timefmt/fb 1.5.
Author Didier Gasser-Morlay
Hello all!

I did a fresh install on mandrake 10.1 of Apache/1.3.33 (Unix) and
PHP/5.0.2 , build it with --with-interbase=shared, ...

everything is fine except that when using ADODB, the connection fails
with a message (from Zend Studio)

debug error (full path omited)/drivers/ line 241 -
Call to undefined function ibase_timefmt()

If I either comment ibase_timefmt() in the ibase driver for adodb
everything is fine.

If I use the ibase_* fonctions, everything seems fine but the
ibase_timefmt() still does not work.

What I am doing wrong ?