Subject firebird-php-mandrake installation
Hi, I found an installation instruction from this list. I copied it to
my site:

Unfortunately, after following the instruction carefully, I tried
running the sample script and it failed.

Fatal error: Call to undefined function: ibase_connect() in
/home/www/projects/firebird.php on line 3

I assume php is not reading firebird correctly. I run phpinfo() and I
found this:

Extensions listed here are (or will be soon) available as external
modules. To install one or all of these, use "urpmi" php-EXTENSION_NAME

[many here] interbase [...]

additional .ini files parsed
/etc/php/23_gd.ini, /etc/php/26_imap.ini, /etc/php/34_mysql.ini,
/etc/php/interbase.ini, /etc/php/urpmi

(see /etc/php/interbase.ini ?)

Am I doing something wrong? Please help.