Subject Re: [firebird-php] Making PHP aware of Firebird 1.5
Author Scott Taylor
At 08:09 08/06/03, Philippe Makowski wrote:
>Le 06/08/2003 16:50, Scott Taylor a écrit :
> > Bummer dewd! There is something wrong with your PHP install then. Maybe
> > to do with MySQL not installed (guess). Might be better to ask at a PHP
> > forum, I bet some there have seen your errors. I'd say you are getting
> > close though.
>I got it ! :-)))
>I simply did a make -i and that's it, I got an and an interbase
>module working
>Now I'm going to install IbWebAdmin

BTW, as Milan pointed out:
"When I enable new module in php.ini, I always go to the console and
type: php"

This is a good idea. I'm no PHP expert, by far, but it seems to me that
PHP need MySQL as part of it's database libs, or maybe that's just a
default in the RPM installations. Wouldn't it be nice to have a clean PHP
install though? Maybe it's just a matter of removing the line in /etc/php.ini