Subject Re: [firebird-php] Making PHP aware of Firebird 1.5
Author Scott Taylor
At 08:09 08/06/03, Philippe Makowski wrote:
>Le 06/08/2003 16:50, Scott Taylor a écrit :
> > Bummer dewd! There is something wrong with your PHP install then. Maybe
> > to do with MySQL not installed (guess). Might be better to ask at a PHP
> > forum, I bet some there have seen your errors. I'd say you are getting
> > close though.
>I got it ! :-)))

Way to go.

>I simply did a make -i and that's it, I got an and an interbase
>module working

I guess ignoring errors is OK at this point, personally, I hate errors in
anything and go that extra step to clean it up.

>Now I'm going to install IbWebAdmin

Be sure to read the README file, you will need to edit some configuration
file in the inc directory, set the location of your Firebird utilities, etc.