Subject Re: Fw: [Firebird-devel] PHP Interbase 'Improvements'
Author rodries2
--- In, "Daniela Mariaschi" <nyx@i...>
> > Yes of course
> > if I can I will help, but in wich langage are library for PHP ?
> Hi Philippe,
> Php libraries generally are in written in C,
> even if I heard someone who write them in C++ too
> (but it's a bit more complicated the build process because PHP is
> program )
> Daniela

Hola Daniela

Have you tried to compile Interbase module with Firebird 1.5 in linux?

The system hangs when you connect to a database ( segfault in appache
error log)

Could you try to fix it or see what is the problem to tell firebird
developers the error?

PS: sorry about my english, I'm spanish.