Subject Re: Fw: [Firebird-devel] PHP Interbase 'Improvements'
Author roadware2000
Joiner...As a beta tester anyway...

I am currently trying to supply support for an open source project
called PHProjekt (a groupware PHP application with calendar, project
tracking, helpdesk tickets etc.)
It currently supports several DBs including IB and Firebird I could
use more eyes looking at it. If you are looking for this sort of
thing give it a try.


--- In, "Daniela Mariaschi" <nyx@i...>
> > Nice to see someone taking an interest, and that can
> > actually build the thing :)
> and it's nice to see someone who cares about it finally :)
> > I think there will be a lot more interest in PHP/Firebird in
> > the future, so as long as we can maintain compatibility.
> > I'd love to see a Firebird specific module, but since I have
> >not got the time, it's not something I would push for -
> >while the interbase one works ;)
> mmhh ..... Interbase module works .... but not for long
> and I wish to see Firbird with its own library as soon.
> Time is the major problem for us all , so
> if we could be able to put our efforts together ....
> we could have our new Firebird library
> and enjoying php + fb without headache ...... !
> what about others 'joiners'?
> Daniela
> ps:
> Lester are you the moderator of the list?